‘Total Solar Eclipse’ in August 2017 would turn out as an unforgettable experience

‘Total Solar Eclipse’ in August 2017 would turn out as an unforgettable experience

The incident that took place on February 26, 1979 when a total solar eclipse darkened soil on the US mainland is going to get repeated on August 21, 2017. This time, American sky gazers will be able to view the first total solar eclipse that would be visible from the continental United States.

The event has been termed as ‘Great American Total Solar Eclipse’ to take place in 2017. In it, skies will get dark from Oregon to South Carolina. People who will be under this stretch would witness an unforgettable experience.

Eclipse expert Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams College in Massachusetts, has termed the event to be a great opportunity in which there is a chance to see the universe changing. Experts have affirmed that most of the solar eclipses fall in partial category.

On an average, two to five solar eclipses take place on annual basis. But when it comes to total eclipses then it is just one every 18 months or so. As per experts, a total solar eclipse that takes place over populated areas is considered to be quite special.

In fact, August 2017 event will be the first one whose totality path lies completely within the US since 1776. The path goes from the Oregon coast through places including Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina.

Pasachoff was of the view that rest of the continent US will have at least 55% partial eclipse. These areas would not get dark and eye-protection filters would be required even to know whether solar eclipse is taking place or not.

“if you are off to the side — even where the sun is 99 percent covered by the moon — it is like going up to the ticket booth of a baseball or football stadium but not going inside”, affirmed Pasachoff.

"It's probably no surprise to you that we at Sky & Telescope are paying a lot of attention to the total solar eclipse that will race across the United States on August 21, 2017. That event is still a full year away, and yet the planning and preparation have already gotten seriously intense," according to a news report published by Sky and Telescope News.

Few have witnessed a total solar eclipse, yet it is the most dramatic celestial event you'll ever see. During totality, with the Sun's brilliant disk fully covered, the sky turns dark (like very deep twilight) and the brightest planets and stars become visible. Animals become quiet, birds roost, and the temperature drops noticeably. There are so very many eclipse videos out there to show you what happens, but I particularly like the one recorded last March by the NASA/Exploratorium team. The narrators do an especially good job of describing all the phenomena that occur during totality.



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