Shenomenon Corp.’s co-owner among 100 social media influencers to represent NASA’s journey to Mars

Shenomenon Corp.’s co-owner among 100 social media influencers to represent NASA’s journey to Mars

Kia McClain from Shenomenon Corp., which is a digital marketing company, is chosen as one of the 100 people around the US to talk about journey to Mars. On Wednesday and Thursday in New Orleans, she will get insight into NASA’s mission to Mars.

Total of 100 people are appointed by the space agency to represent the journey to Mars and the journey to asteroid scheduled for September next month. McClain will meet NASA officials in Wednesday along with other social influencers like her. The social media influencer will be acquainted with the both journeys concerned.

The following day, the influencers will visit the Michoud Assembly Facility, which is a manufacturing facility that supports NASA’s work, and the Stennis Space Center. They will also be witnessing September launch of a shuttle that will be sent to asteroid in order to collect samples.

“We are getting a behind-the-scenes view of everything going on within NASA, the journey to Mars, etc., and then (Thursday), we will be part of the public opening as far as all the press and media will be invited to come in and get access”, said McClain.

The event to be held on Thursday will take place at 712 Innovations on S. Kansas Avenue. McClain will be accompanied by two interns who will cover the event with her and meanwhile would go for live video with McClain. When McClain will not be live, they will show information about other aspects related to the space agency and its space exploration.

The event McClain is going to cover comes once in a lifetime. There are over 100,000 social media followers of McClain presently. In past, when she used to write, the number of followers was more than today, it was over 1 million followers.



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