Neil deGrasse Tyson replies question on any difference in having sex in space

Neil deGrasse Tyson replies question on any difference in having sex in space

In a video posted this week, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson answered a fan’s question about sex in space. To it, Tyson had a bit humorous reply along with science mixed in it. He said space travellers interested in sexual activity should not forget to get some leather straps along.

“If you want to sort of get together [and] stay together, you need something to, like, keep you together during all the normal body movements that would characterize having sex in space”, affirmed Tyson, who then suggested that people travelling through space should bring along leather belts, which will keep them strapped down.

He quickly added that these measures are only needed when one is in zero-gravity. If spaceship is rotating in some way then it could produce artificial gravity that can eliminate the need of leather belts. But for now, rotating spaceship is not a reality and it can be seen in mere science fiction.

The video was posted to promote Tyson’s show StarTalk on National Geographic. Viewer Ronnie T was the one who wanted to know if there is any difference in having sex in space. Tyson started by explaining difference between being in space and in zero-gravity.

One can be in space but in greater than zero gravity like in the space station. It is when one is in weightless environment he needs something to keep him together with his partner if they have plans to get intimate.



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