Apple Watch’s New Version Likely To Be Slimmer

Apple Watch’s New Version Likely To Be Slimmer

A new display technology will be used in the second-gen version of the Apple Watch. The new technology will allow the company to reduce the thickness of the device, making it slimmer as compared to the original version.

In addition, the device is likely to feature a somewhat larger battery, as the new technology slackens some internal space. TPK Holding, the touch panel maker and the component supplier of Apple, revealed that the Apple Watch 2 will incorporate a One Glass Solution (OGS) for the display.

As of now, the Glass on Glass solution is being used for the original version. The current Apple Watch’s display is comprised of two pieces of glass, whereas the OGS of TPK Holding will use only one glass. This implies that the technology will result in a slightly additional internal space, along with making the Apple Watch 2 a bit lighter as compared to the original Apple Watch.

However, this modification is subject to apprehensions because TPK Holding has the history of encountering some or the other problem in manufacturing, whenever the company seeks modifying its production process. The company explained that the primary reason behind reporting enhanced losses in the second quarter is continuous decline in the touch panel orders for iPhones. TPK also stated that Apple will be modifying its touch panel technology for the new Apple Watch from G/G to OGS.

The new version is likely to be released during the second half of this year. TPK explained that for OGS touch panels, the company’s yield rate was less than the estimates due to some unforeseen technological problems with the change in touch panel technology. Most likely Apple will release the Apple Watch 2 during an Apple special event in September. The launch might take place along with the release of the iPhone 7 in early September.


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