Apple will soon introduce a revamped version of Apple Store app

Apple will soon introduce a revamped version of Apple Store app

According to a Bloomberg report published on Thursday, Apple will soon launch a revamped version of its dedicated Apple Store app, the company’s in-house shopping app which is used by iOS users for making online purchase of Apple’s products.

The report, citing unidentified sources familiar with Apple’s plans, has revealed that the redesigned version of the Apple Store app will provide personalized product recommendations to customers, on the basis of their past purchases.

As per the Bloomberg report, the revamped Apple Store app which is being developed by Apple will likely feature a dedicated ‘For You’ tab, which will apparently be similar to the ‘For You’ sections of the Apple Music and Apple News apps.

The ‘For You’ tab which will be available in the revamped Apple Store app will essentially unfold product purchase suggestions "based on prior orders."

The revamped Apple Store app with the ‘For You’ tab will differ from the current Apple Store app which has a ‘Featured’ tab to display general product recommendations, but does not offer personalized suggestions to customers on what products to purchase.



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