Shocking rise in advanced prostate cancer cases indicates men not following recommended screening regimen

Shocking rise in advanced prostate cancer cases indicates men not following recommended screening regimen

Advanced prostate cancer cases are on rise in America, with shocking 72% rise in the case in over the last 10 years. Out of all, men aged between 55 and 69 have witnessed the highest rise in the cases, with 92% increase in the cases in 10 years.

The revelation is a matter of concern for medical experts because it seems that men are not following the recommendation of early screening and early detection. The researchers said that it could also be the case that prostate cancer might have become more aggressive these days than what it was a decade back.

Timely detection of the disease is vital, as then it can be treated before it spreads and advances in other body parts. In the study, the researchers followed men who were diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2013 as compared to those diagnosed in 2004.

The PSA scores for those diagnosed lately were twice as high as those diagnosed a decade ago. In the study, the researchers have assessed data from more than 800,000 men. The researchers have suggested that men should discuss a prostate cancer screening with their doctors when they reach in their mid-thirties.

As per the researchers, men should be screened at the age of 40 and again after five years thereafter. Doctors can decide whether a person is facing an average risk or an advanced risk for the disease. The ones who advanced risk status will require to undergo more number of screenings than others.

Prostate cancer is highly treatable in the early stages. This is the reason that the researchers have been pointing out to not miss the screening. “The stage of your cancer is one of the most important factors in choosing the best way to treat it. Prostate cancer is staged based on the extent of the cancer and the PSA level and Gleason score at the time of diagnosis”, affirmed



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