Cleveland Circle Chipotle may reopen now

Cleveland Circle Chipotle may reopen now

City officials have declared that a norovirus outbreak-linked Hub Chipotle that made 136 people fall ill previously this month has been given permission to reopen for business today. While speaking to the Herald last night, Inspectional Services Department Commissioner William ‘Buddy’ Christopher Jr. said that they will be releasing the hold on Chipotle’s license effective Wednesday morning, and thus they will be allowed to reopen again.

William ‘Buddy’ Christopher Jr. said their office has received the necessary paperwork from Chipotle and so they have been given permission to reopen at their choice.

On December 7, the Cleveland Circle Chipotle was shut down when numerous students of Boston College, who consumed food from there, began turning up at Health Services with norovirus symptoms. They were experiencing vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

In the recent months, the Chipotle chain has been under fire across the nation after dozens of people in the Pacific Northwest got sickened due to an E. coli outbreak. Similar incidents were reported in many other states also. However, as per preliminary testing by the Boston Public Health Commission, norovirus was the main culprit in the Boston outbreak.

The city’s Inspectional Services Department reported that the Cleveland Circle location was cited for keeping steak and chicken at 124 degrees and 128 degrees, respectively, which is lower than the required 140 degrees. It was also cited for having an employee who was working there while sick days, prior to the outbreak, and a number of food-borne illnesses were also reported.



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