Here is Why Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Legalizes Medical Weed

Here is Why Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Legalizes Medical Weed

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced that he has signed a decree to legalize the production and distribution of medical marijuana. The new decision has put Colombia in a wave that is currently sweeping Latin America.

Juan Manuel Santos has signed the decree which is scheduled to take effect on Wednesday. The Colombian President announced the decree and said it is a good step to use natural resources to fight with some harmful diseases. The new decree will put Colombia in the set of nations that are leading in the use of natural resources to fight some harmful disease, he said in a statement.

The decree, signed by the Colombian President and Colombian President, allows production, distribution, sale and export of medical marijuana. The document read that the seeds and plants will be used only for medical purposes. After getting export license, producers will be allowed to sell medicines in the regions around the world where they are legal. Experts believe the new decree has opened a way for international market to produce marijuana-based medication.

Santos said there is a massive demand of marijuana-based medication around the world. In last month’s interview with BBC, he even mentioned businesses in countries like the United States and Canada.

Hannah Hetzer from Drug Policy Alliance in New York said the new decree is indicating that shift is on Latin America. “For the past few years, Latin American presidents have become some of the strongest voices on the global stage calling for a different approach to drug policy”, she said in a statement.


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