Blue Bell Returns to Markets after Eight-month Gap

Blue Bell Returns to Markets after Eight-month Gap

Michael Wood, a loyal Blue Bell ice cream customer, went to Rouses Market on December 21 having forgotten that his favorite ice cream is returning. After he saw the ice cream, he took a selfie with it and sent it to his girlfriend. He said that he had to buy the expensive Häagen Dazs ice cream after Blue Bell recalled all its prodcucts in April due to listeria outbreak in March. Many other ice cream lovers are overjoyed with the return of Blue Bell ice creams.

“It's a very good ice cream. They had problems, but who doesn't. They took their time with it, so I think it will be safe," said another customer, Harry Peyton. The ice cream company was forced to update its technology and operations after reports of 10 illnesses and three deaths due to food-poisoning.

Though it sounds ironical, the crisis has actually put the company a step ahead of its competitors. The reason being, that the company is the first one to adopt costly modifications of its equipment and safety standards. Eventually all the other ice cream companies will have to follow its footsteps after new federal regulations are implemented.

The annual sales of Blue Bell increased by 70% during 2006 and 2014, as compared to an 8% increase in the sales of the entire U.S. industry. The estimates have been released by the market intelligence firm Euromonitor.



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