Black Holes Can Grow As Massive As 50 Billion Suns: Study

Black Holes Can Grow As Massive As 50 Billion Suns: Study

Researchers through a newly conducted study showed that how massive and enormous a black hole can be. Researchers said that black holes at the heart of galaxies can grow as big as 50 billion suns before they lose the disks of gas that help them to survive.

The study titled ‘How Big Can a Black Hole Grow?’ was published in the journal Monthly Notices Letters of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Researchers led by astronomical theorist Andrew King during the study explored the regions of space around several supermassive black holes. These are regions where the gas that feeds the hole settles into an orbiting disk.

According to researchers, this gas can lose energy and fall inwards, feeding the black hole. But these discs are known to be unstable and prone to crumbling into stars.

The study’s findings suggest that without a disc, the black hole would stop growing. The only possible way a black hole can grow even larger is if a star fall straightaway into it or another black hole gets merged with it.

Study researchers said findings of their study has helped astronomers to find black holes with maximum mass, by just observing the huge amount of radiation thrown out by the gas disc as it falls in.

“The significance of this disco very is that astronomers have found black holes of almost the maximum mass, by observing the huge amount of radiation given off by the gas disc as it falls in”, King said.



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