Wildlife Officials Finding Ways to Curb Bear-Human Clashes

Wildlife Officials Finding Ways to Curb Bear-Human Clashes

County and local governments are being urged by Florida wildlife officials to come up with proposals to alleviate clashes between bears and humans. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has a budget of $825,000 to fund programs, which may curb contacts between humans and bears.

Local governments have been given a deadline of October 14, 2016 to submit their plans, according to a news release by agency on July 11, 2016. The officials revealed that the proposals ought to entail moves like regulations for bear-proof trash cans and also support the corresponding local money.

For the first time in 21 years, bear hunt was organized in Florida in 2015, leading to the death of over 300 bears. However, due to voiced opposition by numerous individuals and environmental groups, the commission decided not to organize such a hunt in 2016. Meanwhile, the commission has not closed the prospect of holding bear hunt in 2017.

Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, and the Florida Legislature have provided $500,000 of the complete budget, while the remaining $325,000 have been offered by the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida through the proceeds from the ‘Conserve Wildlife’ license plate.

“Thanks to Governor Scott, the Florida Legislature and the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, communities across the state will be encouraged to have BearWise programs tailored to meet their specific needs”, said the Executive Director of FWC, Nick Wiley. The commission will persistently operate with local community partners for providing essential tools and resources to prevent the conflicts.


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