Want to Visit ISS? You Will Have to Ditch ‘Pokémon Go’

Want to Visit ISS? You Will Have to Ditch ‘Pokémon Go’

A new app is popular among game junkies around the globe: Pokémon Go. The game was released a few days ago, but it is slowly taking over almost every region of earth. But can it be played outside earth, in vacuum?

Space seems to be a good place to play a game like Pokémon Go as there would be lots of pokéstops outside earth. Can astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) play this game? NASA says ‘No’. Astronauts aboard the ISS cannot play Pokémon Go. Why?

There are many reasons and one of them is ‘less number of smartphone on the ISS’. According to NASA, astronauts use these phones to perform science experiments and not for personal use. Another thing is ‘Internet connectivity’. ISS crew members’ tablets and smartphones don’t have Internet connectivity.

In additions, NASA said that ISS astronauts always have a busy day, which means they don’t have time to play a game. “It is not possible for astronauts to play. There is a small number of smartphones available on ISS which the crew use for science activities (like SPHERES), but not for personal use”, said Dan Huot, a spokesman for the US space agency.

The astronauts aboard the space station can use only those apps that are developed for the payloads they’re intended for. Moreover, they cannot install extra apps on those devices, said Huot. If they want to use social media websites, like Twitter, then they use laptops which are locked down in terms of cybersecurity, the spokesman added.


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