Astronaut Tim Peake settles into life aboard ISS with Tea and Bacon Sandwich

Astronaut Tim Peake settles into life aboard ISS with Tea and Bacon Sandwich

Tim Peake, first Briton to be selected as an astronaut by European Space Agency (ESA), is enjoying his time on the International Space Station (ISS). The 43-year-old first Briton astronaut said he ate bacon sandwich as first meal on the space station.

Peake, the seventh British citizen in space, started his journey towards the space station in low earth orbit on a Soyuz rocket on Tuesday. The current ESA astronaut says he is enjoying every moment of his first few days on the habitable artificial satellite.

Peake revealed his first meal on the ISS in the presence of station commander Scott Kelly, the NASA astronaut who has been on the space station as a part of one-year-long mission. On his Twitter account, Peake tweeted, “What makes a good leader? @StationCDRKelly having a hot bacon sarnie waiting as my 1st meal on #ISS. Boy that tasted good! #Principia”.

Peake also tweeted when he completed 48 hours on the ISS. He said he has a busy, but incredible life on the space station. The 43-year-old astronaut also said that his body has adapted to a new environment.

The Queen and Sir Elton John sent a message to support Peake and said good luck. As per ESA’s plan, Peake will have a session with the media for the first time since docking with the ISS. He will talk via a live link to the European Astronaut Centre near Cologne, Germany. ESA said the conference is scheduled to take place at 2.15pm for about 20 minutes.



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