Quakes in Nepal in April, May could have been more devastating

Quakes in Nepal in April, May could have been more devastating

Scientists said the effect of the big earthquakes that struck Nepal earlier this year could have been far more severe. An international team has recently published a review of the events wherein it has showed that the landslides’ number was far lower than feared by people.

The major concern is that so far, the group has not been able to find out any evidence of Himalayan glacial lakes suffering huge damage. Science magazine has published this assessment.

It was also presented at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, which was the world's biggest annual gathering of Earth scientists.

Study lead Jeffery Kargel from the University of Arizona, Tucson, said there were many surprises. While speaking to BBC News, he said, “The nature of the earthquakes' influence on the landscape, from the largest scales to the smaller scales, was not really as we would have expected”.

If we consider any measurement, the quakes that hit Nepal in April and May were devastating as over 8,500 people died. However, as per researchers, even this terrible outcome was less in comparison to what could have happened.

On April 25, the main Magnitude 7.8 tremor buckled the surface of the Earth. It led to the formation of a wide swathe of the tall Himalayas falling down as it lifted up the adjoining Kathmandu basin. The entire area got shifted 2m towards the south.



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