Climate Change: Over Half of Antarctic’s Adélie Penguins will disappear by End of 21st Century

Climate Change: Over Half of Antarctic’s Adélie Penguins will disappear by End of 21st Century

Antarctic continent has been home to Adélie penguins since millions of years, but climate change may soon force the penguin species to leave the place. A new study has suggested that about one-third current Adélie colonies will disappear by 2060 if Antarctic ice continues to shrink.

The study published in the journal Scientific Reports has reported that warmer climate is a problem for Adélie penguins. It is becoming difficult for the species to survive in conditions no favorable for them. As sea temperatures will rise further, the penguins will start disappearing. The major problem is that it will happen in next few decades, the study added.

By the end of the end, more than half of Adélie colonies in the Antarctic continent will be in decline, as per the study. The new findings are result of data collected on link between climate change and declining population of Adélie penguins. The researchers used several methods to understand how the penguins in the continent are getting affected due to warm temperatures.

“It is only in recent decades that we know Adélie penguin population declines are associated with warming, which suggests that many regions of Antarctica have warmed too much and that further warming is no longer positive for the species”, said Megan Cimino, a postdoctoral scholar at Scripps Institute of Oceanography and lead author of the study.

The study published this Wednesday by researchers at the University of Delaware and a number of other institutions received funds through biodiversity program of NASA.



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