New Experiment Aims To Study How Apes Embrace Social Technology

New Experiment Aims To Study How Apes Embrace Social Technology

In an experiment, backed by musician Peter Gabriel, researchers will provide chimpanzees all over the world with video-conferencing equipments to study whether or not apes use the social technology to communicate with other chimpanzees.

Researchers, during the experiment, which is due to begin in next spring, will also analyze the ways of their online communication techniques with that of humans. The major focus during the experiment will be on a troupe of chimpanzees living at Monkey World, which is a 65-acre rescue centre in Dorset.

The researchers associated with the experiment said that once the apes are used to with the equipment, the experiment will then be extended to the African jungle, where chimpanzees released from the same rescue centre will be reunited with their old friends via video links.

The researchers hope that the apes will recognize each other and will try to communicate via the equipment, which will be fitted in the trees or behind clear glass to protect it from chimp-related damage.

The entire project will be separated into two documentary films made in conjunction with west London's private Latymer Upper School, which Gabriel's son Isaac attends.

By this experiment, the researchers hope to find out how the animals will use the equipment to communicate with each other. The same technology will then be used to try and allow humans to communicate with animals more effectively.

Gabriel told the Sunday Times, “The idea is to extend a big video network that already exists in labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology so that different species including our own have a chance to communicate”.

He said he is quite sure that the monkeys will use the video cameras in Monkey World to communicate with each other.



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