Check What’s Similar between Strange Creature and Queen from Star Wars Movie

Check What’s Similar between Strange Creature and Queen from Star Wars Movies

According to scientists, who discovered fossils of a rare creature in Spain’s Cuenca province, they have found something common between the creature that roamed Europe about 15 million years ago and queen from the Star wars movie.

The creature was named Xenokeryx amidalae, meaning ‘strange horn of Amidala’, referring to the Star Wars character Queen Amidala, a role played by actress Natalie Portman.

According to the scientists, the strange shape of the largest horn of Xenokeryx was very similar to one of the hairstyles of Amidala in Star Wars Episode 1. In the episode, Amidala is the queen of her home planet Naboo, said paleontologist Israel Sanchez of the National Museum of Natural History in Madrid.

Xenokeryx was an herbivore that probably ate leaves, fruit and roots, and was as big as an average deer, said the researchers. The male Xenokeryx has two small horns like that of a giraffe. The larger horn had a shape very much like the letter ‘T’ on the back of the head.

The male animals also had enlarged sabre-like upper canines that likely were used for display to impress other members of the species, Sanchez said.

The researchers said Xenokeryx lived in a warm grassland environment with rivers. They lived alongside rhinos, elephant relatives, deer, horses, crocodiles and bear-dogs, a now-extinct group of large predators.

Among the modern animals, the one that most closely relate to Xenokeryx are giraffe and okapi, both of which are found in Africa. Xenokeryx did not have long necks as that of giraffe, Sanchez said.


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