Restaurant Group says NYC Salt Warning Labels are Confusing and Misleading

Restaurant Group says NYC Salt Warning Labels are Confusing and Misleading

Two days after the Board of Health enacted salt warning labels rule, restaurateurs sued it by saying the law may mislead customers. Now, the rule will be headed for a court fight, and court will decide what to do next.

The National Restaurant Association filed a lawsuit against the city Board of Health-approved rule on Thursday in a Manhattan court, two days after the new rule took effect. As per the law, the state restaurants have to put salt-shaker icon on every menu item.

As per the lawsuit, the regulation will not at all help customers. It may mislead or confuse people in making less healthy food choices. The association argued that health board did not work according to its legal bounds. The board has been muddying waters at the time when federal health regulators are discussing nationwide menu labeling rules, it added. The suit also said the new salt warnings are nonsensical. It violates free speech rights of restaurateurs, it claimed.

The city Law Department said the Board of Health has the right to apply the new rule, but if restaurateurs have problems with it, it will be reviewed. Public-health experts have favored the law and said it could help people in knowing how salty their dishes are.

Dr. Jonathan Newman from NYU Langone Medical Center said, “I think one of the things the salt labeling will do is point out to people how much salt is in food that they may not be aware of. For instance, whole wheat bread can have more salt than a bag of potato chips”.


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