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When you hear the words "cosmetic surgery," what is the first image that comes to your mind? For most people, the idea of Hollywood starlets and bored housewives is where their mind goes to. Unfortunately, the world of cosmetic surgery has gotten a bad reputation in recent years thanks to hyperbolized headlines placing emphasis on plastic surgery gone wrong. Today, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery specialists like Harvard-educated and internationally known Mark Mofid are focusing on providing personal attention and exercising their own creativity and innovation to help break the stereotypes surrounding cosmetic surgery.

Mark Mofid navigates this sensationalist culture surrounding cosmetic surgery by placing the patient's health above everything else- sometimes to their own dismay.


“I place only intramuscular implants, and I never overdo it even if patients try to push for larger implants,” Dr. Mofid confessed in an interview with Plastic Surgery Practice. “Many patients believe that it will add to their fame and notoriety if they go larger. In reality, this will likely lead to more complications and put the health of the patient at risk." When stories about improper surgeon contact, procedures gone wrong, and excessively large implants grace the covers of magazines all across the country, Dr. Mofid believes that a return to this type of careful attitude will help convince the public that cosmetic surgery and reconstructive procedures are safe and not a risk to the health of the patient.

At Mark Mofid's office, the key to making the patient happy comes with natural-looking cosmetic procedures, and sometimes this requires a little bit of thinking outside of the box. For example, one of Mark Mofid's most popular procedures is the buttock augmentation, popularized by famous derrieres like those owned by celebrities like socialite Kim Kardashian, rapper Nicki Minaj, and actress Ariel Winters. Though an uncountable number of women have come to Dr. Mofid to enhance their glute area, he found himself frustrated with the awkward shape of off-the-shelf silicone implants; Mofid would sometimes find himself sitting for hours on-end shaving away at the implants to give them a more natural look and feel. Though many of his patients came in searching for a significantly larger butt to improve their confidence, the truth is that the standard silicone implants that were being offered to doctors were simply too large for the average patient.

Mark Mofid saw an opportunity to enhance the quality and look of his patient's end result when they enter his office for an improved buttocks.

He would go on to design, craft, and invent a new Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant for Implantech that offers a better width-to-volume ratio that improves the final result and satisfaction after the procedure is finished.
Mark Mofid's practice and expertise goes well beyond Brazillian butt lifts. At his San Diego Skin practice, Mark Mofid extends his line of personalized thinking and individual attention to help his clients increase their self-esteem. Though these is a pervasive cultural attitude that cosmetic surgery is limited to those looking to change their appearance for reasons of vanity, many of Dr. Mofid's patients come to his practice seeking facial reconstruction following skin cancer. Of the several thousands of patients that he and his associates see on an annual basis, many are seeking a return to a normal life following chemotherapy or scarring after the removal of malignant sections of tissue or moles. Skin cancer, especially if located in a very visible area like the face, clavicle, or back, can cause serious damage to the patient's self esteem. Dr Mofid's skin practice focuses on using a combination of innovation and tried-and-true methods to help leave patients with the confidence they've been looking for or the self-esteem that they felt before a bout with cancer or an accident.

So, what advice does Mark Mofid have for physicians who are just getting started with their own independent practice or who are looking to move into a new area of medicine?

To start slow instead of diving right into the next big thing or passing trends in medicine. "The best advice that I have ever received was to avoid putting the wagon before the horse." Dr. Mofid stated in an interview with Medical Spa MD. "For example, we started our practice in an 850 square foot, 2 exam room office and allowed for the natural growth of the practice to guide decisions such as whether to build the surgery center and add additional space or staff."
In the same vein, Mark Mofid advises plastic surgeons and physicians to avoid hopping on every passing trend and largely sticking with tried-and-true methods. "It’s a bad idea to try to be the first person in your community to offer a new technology only to have patients spend their good money for no results or worse." Instead, Dr. Mofid focuses on word-of-mouth advertising through his work. He does not engage in print advertising or any other type of traditional marketing, allowing his work to speak for itself.

What's next for Dr. Mofid?

He's currently expanding his skincare and facial services to partner with Skinsational Skin and Body Spa, located in Carlsbad, California. Following the direction of Dr. Mofid, Skinsational is expanding its services to offer long-awaited medical spa services. Providing effective procedures with low or no downtime, medical spa services are gaining popularity with both women and men looking to preserve their skin and protect it from the effects of aging. Minimally invasive procedures like Botox injections, laser hair removal, and spider vein minimization are now available in a private section of the spa, and Mark Mofid also provides on-site individualized consultations in a secluded area of the San Diego spa for more intensive procedures like brow lifts and breast augmentation.

The team at Skinsational are thrilled to have Mark Mofid working with them, and spa director Joyce Carboni stated that "Mark Mofid is an excellent plastic surgeon" and they are "honored that he has chosen to expand his practice by working with [Skinsational]."

As the future of reconstructive surgery continues to march forward, patients of Dr. Mofid can rest with the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that his unique combination of innovation and traditional knowledge will leave them with natural results- every single time.


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