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Witnesses Suspected Movie Scene After Crash

When a driver drove up the ramp of a flatbed truck, the driver needed to be rescued because the vehicle overturned. Witnesses in the area thought that the incident was some kind of stunt for a movie until they realized that the driver needed assistance. While driving east on Broadway in Chula Vista, a man suddenly drove up onto the bed of a large truck that was working to get a forklift in place. Although the passenger wheels were able to stay on the bed of the truck, the driver's side wheels were off the side.

Dr. Imran Haque Is Excited For The Future Of Cosmetic Medical Procedures


Technology for cosmetic medical procedures continues to evolve. Though it may take at least five to ten years, robotic medical procedures have left the realm of science fiction and entered into reality. Differences in the amount of irradiation between manual and robotic procedures have always been high on the three-dimensional surfaces. In response to this, engineers have crafted robotic energy based devices that should benefit all cosmetic medical procedures going forward.

Goettl's Tips to Save Money This Summer

As the summer heat sizzles, you will likely be cranking up your HVAC system. Unfortunately, this can cause a spike in your energy bills. Here are Goettl's tips that can help you save a bit of money and remain comfortable.

1. Consider an Upgrade

Avaaz Supports California's Resistance To Recent Travel Ban

When news of President Donald Trump's travel ban reached California, legislators quickly drafted a new bill to limit state and local law enforcement's participation in deportations. On Tuesday, the bill overcame its first obstacle when San Francisco sued President Trump for his executive order to cut off funding for what he called sanctuary cities and pushed for a travel ban that blocks thousands of refugees. The San Francisco City Attorney said that the executive order was both un-American and unconstitutional.

The San Francisco Lawsuit

Omar Yunes On Rising Real Estate Costs and the Effects on California Charities

***UPDATE*** October 31, 2017 Read more about Omar Yunes entrepreneurial spirit, here.

**Update** Find more information on Omar Yunes on

Canada introduces legislation to legalise marijuana

New York [U.S.], Apr. 14 (ANI): The highly anticipated legislation aimed at regulating recreational marijuana use by July 2018 has been introduced by the Canadian Government.

The new legislation paves the way for the country to become the first in the G7 to fully legalise the drug, reports CNN.

Since becoming the Liberal leader in 2013, Justin Trudeau has argued that the decriminalisation and regulation of marijuana would help keep the drug away from children and ensure profits don't end up in the hands of what the prime minister described as "criminal elements".



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