Immigration Agents Scare Parishioners in Sacramento

The presence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in a Sacramento house of worship are keeping many churchgoers away for fear that they may rounded up in a deportation raid.

California Democratic Convention Kicks Off in Sacramento

The California Democratic Convention recently kicked off in Sacramento, and as expected in these politically charged times, it was not without controversy. In a state where Democrats have been trying to position themselves as the leading front of the anti-Trump resistance movement, the party has still shown itself as incredibly fractured.

Liquefaction May Lead to the Closing of an Alameda Elementary School

Parents in the Alameda Unified School District are facing a difficult challenge. Donald D. Lum Elementary School may be closing as soon as June 8th if the school board goes along with the district’s recommendation. The parents of children who attend that school only received notification of the potential closure three weeks ago. This left them with little time to adjust and make plans for their children.

A$AP Rocky's LA Home Robbed Of $1.5 Million In Jewelry: Trio Remain At Large

He's more than just a famous rapper; he's a talented singer, director and producer. He's also done more than release hits like Wassup, Angels and Brand New Guy. He's also been linked to famous models like Kendall Jenner and Chanel Iman.

A$AP Rocky is a star, and people know it and want some of his amazing, luxurious lifestyle.

Golden State Warriors Are 10-0 in the 2017 Playoffs. Can They Keep the Streak Going?

The Golden State Warriors have arguably put together the best starting lineup in NBA history. They are currently 10-0 in the playoffs and in the Western Conference Semifinals, playing the San Antonio Spurs with a 2-0 lead. To sweeten the deal, Golden State now plays a Spurs team that'll be without Kawhi Leonard in Game 3.

Samuel Strauch Reveals the 10 U.S. Cities with the Hottest Suburban Neighborhoods

Samuel Strauch Reveals the 10 US Cities with the Hottest Surburbs

You said you'd never leave the big city. You thought you couldn't do without the thriving nightlife, the urban boutiques or the seemingly endless dining options. But life has changed for many millennials, who are now seeking affordable housing, low crime areas and good schools. Fortunately, according to in-depth analysis of the nation's largest cities, there are a few hidden gems where young families can have the best of both worlds.